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10 May 2013 / NHamilton

The race is on!

Good morning Cairo!

If the best way to get to know a city is by walking, the second best way has to be by running.

Today, May 10th at 6:00am marks the start of Cairo Runner’s first annual half marathon.  The start and finish line is in Heliopolis (Almaza Garden, Marghany St).

Get out and run!

In addition to the 30 EGP registration fee going to The Egypt Liver Institute and Egypt’s Special Olympics, this is a great opportunity to get a little exercise for yourself and perhaps see a part of the city that you aren’t familiar with.  If your not up for running, consider cheering from the sidelines.

Our friends at Cairobserver have a wonderful post up today on the half marathon and some of its political and urban design implications:

Cairo Runners has ignited its own revolution that challenges the accepted norms and injects athletic life into Cairo’s streets on a regular basis. Until Cairo Runners it was rare that athletes would take to the streets for exercise, partly because of the crowdedness and pollution. But also because the city has not invested in creating pedestrian friendly routes that encourage jogging.

Read the whole post and an interview with one of Cairo Runner’s organizers at

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For more info on Cairo Runners:!half-marathon/ck9v
01200009098 or 01224185739

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