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6 November 2011 / NHamilton

Bit City Conference

Bit City Poster

Bit City Poster

The Bit City conference on transportation, data and technology in contemporary cities drew experts from around the globe to discuss the role of data in designing, revising and studying transportation from a variety of ways.  Panelists shared perspectives from how taxi data can be used to provide transportation planners with alternate sets of traffic-flow data to the challenges of planning for telecom and bandwidth.

Conference proceedings can be viewed on

Professor David Levinson challenged basic assumption of automobile route selection.  Watch a the video from “panel 2” on the livestream link to hear more about this and its impacts for transportation planning based on outdated theories.

Top Tweets from the Conference:

@CairoFromBelow CairoFromBelow
Rachel Sterne #NYC Chief Digital Officer quotes John Orcutt, “City streets are the original social network” at #bitcity
@CairoFromBelow CairoFromBelow
#bitcity @NYC_DOT‘s tumblr, gives public real info: 211,904 sq yrds resurfaced last week, report pothole online
@transportdata transportdata
MT @urbandata Every day, traffic collisions kill 3,000 people, & injure 100K. Most are not traveling in a car at the time. #bitcity #phealth

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